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Bloomberg: Mar 20 - 2018


Mozambique Bonds Sink Most in Year as Restructuring Plan Snubbed 

Mozambique’s dollar bonds plummeted, losing the most in more than a year, after a key group of investors rejected restructuring proposals from the government, which said it would struggle to repay principal on its debts for next decade. "We doubt bondholders will find this acceptable," Stuart Culverhouse, London-based chief economist at Exotix Capital, which has a sell recommendation on the debt, said in a note Wednesday. 

CNBC: Mar 06 - 2018


US-Mexico relations could get even more complicated if this guy becomes president 

If he gets elected "we expect a gradual correction in both the equity and fixed income markets, a gradual depreciation of the peso, and a gradual flight of capital, both in terms of portfolio investments, foreign direct investment, and even domestic savings from locals," Rafael Elias, head of Latin America credit research at Exotix Capital, said 

Bloomberg: Feb 17 - 2018


Nigeria sells $2.5bn Eurobonds to replace Naira debt 

“Using the new external issuances to reduce domestic financing will certainly lead to lower borrowing costs, as we have already started to see,” said Christopher Dielmann, senior economist at Exotix Capital. 

FDI Intelligence: Feb 15 - 2018


Investors play the waiting game in post-Mugabe Zimbabwe 

Now that Mugabe’s four-decade rule is over, local observers are looking ahead with renewed optimism. Esili Eigbe at Exotix Capital believes that although the FDI picture for the country has been bleak in preceding years, the change in government has brought about some renewed optimism. 

FDI Intelligence: Feb 13 - 2018


Saudi’s Neom: utopian oasis or mirage in the desert? 

Hasnain Malik, head of equity research at developing markets investment bank Exotix Capital, says: “For technology and infrastructure companies, the opportunity is to deploy their products in an urban environment where there are no legacy development constraints: an urban test lab, effectively.” 

The National: Feb 07 - 2018


Arabian Gulf stocks rebound, buoyed by global markets 

“There is no protection from global contagion but large parts of MENA have positive fundamental tailwinds, such as reform and a return to growth,” said Hasnain Malik at Exotix Capital. 

Reuters: Jan 24 - 2018


Unilever and consumer rivals raise bets on Nigeria 

Net earnings of 28 consumer companies in nine African countries have grown just 2 percent per year in local currency in the five years to 2016, and even less in dollar terms, according to Exotix. 

CNBC: Jan 15 - 2018


Morocco dirham stable on 1st day of looser exchange rate 

Hasnain Malik at Exotix Capital said: "Egypt made its move a crisis situation for foreign reserves and foreign debt servicing, and with a very overvalued exchange rate. The Morocco starting point is the opposite in all these respects." 

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