Fixed Income | Pricing

Exotix provides price indications for many of the illiquid and distressed bonds and loans traded in emerging markets as well as for new performing debt in frontier markets. Indicative prices are provided on Exotix Bloomberg pricing screens.

Prices are updated regularly at month-end and are used by many fund manager clients for their monthly valuations. Prices are also updated after significant price movements. For many of the assets, Exotix is one of the only price providers worldwide.

Price histories for these bonds can also be accessed through Bloomberg. Authorised Bloomberg users can find these pages at EXOT <GO>

Please be aware that prices are indications only and are not live prices. This information should only be used as a guide and we advise you to seek complimentary information from alternative sources when seeking a definitive valuation. Your attention is drawn to the full notice and disclaimer we will attach to materials containing indicative price information

Fixed Income | Settlement

Since inception, Exotix has traded and settled in the name of ICAP Securities Limited. This relationship is governed by a Clearing Agreement between the two firms.

Exotix liaises with ICAP Securities through a middle office.

Contact details are as follows:


Robert Elliott
Head of Operations
Tel: +971 4 447 9201

Damien Marron
Middle Office, Trade Support Associate
Tel: +971 4 447 9204

Dominick Martins
Middle Office Trade Support Associate
Tel: +44 207 725 1086

ICAP Securities Limited:

Mark Vaughan
Tel: +44 207 000 5422

Settlement details for bonds

Euroclear settlements:
Account 92436 for standard bond settlement
Account 22490 for settlement of Nigeria and Venezuela oil rights
Account 12849 for settlement when nominal is in a different currency from cash settlement (excluding Eurozone pre-Euro currencies)

DTC Settlements
Account 2711

ICAP Securities Limited BIC code: GBSLGB2L

Settlements details for loans

Loans are generally settled with Standard Bank Plc. Documentation is usually EMTA/LMA standard terms

Exotix can also arrange settlement of other fixed income assets such as Trade Paper & Commercial Paper

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